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  • A directory of pet-related businesses that can be searched by Zip Code, City, State, and even pet service category.

  • We've collected lots of pet related business information over time and through our own searches and we've made this information available to the public to search at no cost.

  • Every pet needs a forever home; that's why we've created our Pet Marketplace. It's a directory of locally available pets ready for adoption, rehome, or purchase.

  • We've also integrated with Petfinder to ensure pets available at local rescue organizations and shelters are available for you to find, connect, and pamper.

  • We continually fine-tune our website to be search engine friendly. That means your business will show up in those big search engine results when people search for pet-related services in your local area.

  • At myposhpetz, it’s free to list your business. Simply fill out our online form to submit your information.

  • One day we may charge for our services, but right now (and into the foreseeable future), it's absolutely free to list your business in our directory and also free to post pets in our marketplace.

  • Not yet, but this is coming soon, we are actively developing the capability for you to update your business information using our website and to be able to upload your own business pictures and images.

  • In the meantime, simply send us an email to and we’ll make sure to update your information.

  • Sure, simply send us an email to and we’ll make sure accommodate your request.

  • We are the same company, but have a website designed for both countries. We have partners in India that keep us honest on that side of the globe and they work to maintain and improve our .IN website.

  • Absolutely, we are hard at work to bring to life more robust website features.

  • Our team is actively building our mobile app and as soon as it’s ready, we’ll send out an email to all our blog and newsletter subscribers. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and newsletter to get updates.

  • Yes, simply send us an email to and we’ll make sure to get connected and share notes. We’re always open to answering partnership or advertising inquiries.

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